Devotional 4/8/20

Getting to a place where you’re in love with following God doesn’t happen overnight. And it doesn’t happen without some intentionality on your part. Our sin-nature, that part of us that wants to live for us and not God, is just too strong.

So, you have to start with your heart. You have to allow God to work on your heart and draw you closer to Him.

Try this out:

For the next day or two (or five or ten!) come up with a creative way to remind you to pray, asking God to help work on your heart to make you WANT to follow Him with all you are.

You might choose to wear a rubber band around your wrist, or a string around your finger. Or maybe draw a dot on your hand. Or paint a fingernail a different color than the others. You could carry a glass bead or some other little trinket in your pocket. Or set reminders on your phone to vibrate on the hour . . .

Whatever you do, do something to remind you to stop and confess to God that, left on your own, you’ll never follow Him like you want to. Tell Him you need His help. And open your heart to being moved by Him.

God is faithful! He wants to be closer to you, and He wants you to be closer to Him. Allow Him the chance to work in you. You won’t be sorry!

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