Leader Letter 4/14/20

Written By: Eli Dozier

Hey Chapel Youth,

I wanted to take this time to explain the blog format a little more. The plan for now is to post a devotional in the book of Ephesians on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The devotionals will serve as a way to “go deeper” from what we talk about on Tuesday nights. A big reason we’re going through the book of Ephesians is because it was written by a man named Paul while imprisoned under house arrest. Paul was under house arrest for 2 years, and he used that time to not only write four books of the bible, but to share Jesus with anyone around him, including those guarding him. I give a little more background on this in yesterdays (Monday 4/13) devotional, so be sure to check it out.

On Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll have what we’re calling “Leader Letters”, which are a chance for our youth leaders to share with you what is going on in their lives. It’s a goal of ours to stay connected in this time and we think this blog is a great way to do so.

I would encourage everyone checking out the blog to have a journal on hand. Each devotional will include scripture as well as reflection questions. While reading the scripture, take down any notes or questions you have. Use it to write down your response to the reflection questions. Then, if you have any questions that are unanswered, reach out and we can discuss.

Through this trial of COVID-19, God is revealing to me more and more that the church is not just a building. It’s not just an event that happens on Sunday mornings. The church is the body of believers, you and mean. We aren’t limited to Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights. We’re called to live in community with one another. I’m looking forward to engaging with you in different ways through technology!

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