God With Us: Day 4

Devotional Passage: Luke 1:26-33

If your family has ever received a birth announcement in the mail, you know that they’re pretty cool. You’ve seen these, right? Baby is born. Mom and dad dress baby up in a super-cute outfit (or go the minimalist route and show the baby in his/her birthday suit). The picture is taken and, most likely, uploaded to a site that specializes in birth announcements. And then, all the details are added. Full name. Date of birth. Weight and length at the time of birth. And maybe even a statement from mom and dad: “Our family is pleased to announce the birth of . . .” Some are elaborate. Some are simple. But all are intended to let the world know the existence of a treasured new arrival.

Read Luke 1:26-33. This was a birth announcement unlike any other in history. No uploaded pics to a website. No US Postal service involved. This was a DM straight from God to Mary. Can you imagine? Mary is minding her business when an actual angel just appears. We can understand why she would be afraid! And look at what the angel said to Mary. This is the heart of this most amazing birth announcement.

The language the angel used to announce to Mary of the news of her pending pregnancy would have rocked Mary’s world. “Son of the Most High.” “Throne of his father, David.” “Reign over the house of Jacob.” “No end to his kingdom.” This language, these words, would have signified to Mary that this baby was the long-awaited Messiah. The messenger and the message told her that she was about to be a part of something bigger than anything she could have imagined. Everything about her life and the world was about to change.

There is no way we can even begin to process what Mary must have been feeling. The angel’s announcement signified that God was working His plan to bridge the gap in history. The birth of Jesus signified the connecting of the narrative thread from the Old Testament to the New. God was continuing His faithfulness to His people but in a new, bigger way. The nature of the game was changing. Jesus was God with us. Emmanuel! This was a birth announcement unlike any other. And it changed the course of history.

Think about this:
The announcement that Jesus would be born was a game-changer. How has God been a game-changer in your life? Think of three ways your life is different because you know and are known by Jesus.

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