God With Us: Day 5

Devotional Passage: Luke 1:34-38

I don’t understand. That doesn’t make sense. How is that possible?

Each of these phrases expresses a similar emotion: confusion. Maybe you can remember the last time you were really confused about something. Maybe it’s been a while. But we’ve all been there. Faced with a situation we can’t quite figure out, we just sort of shake our head, confused about the outcome.

Read Luke 1:34-38. Here, Mary is confused. And rightly so. The angel has just told her she was going to have a baby. Mary, confused, wonders how in the world this is going to happen, considering she is not married and has never been with a man. The angel’s reply is powerful in its simplicity: “Don’t worry. God’s going to take care of it.” Huh?

Do you wonder if Mary had a ton of questions? The Holy Spirit is going to be the dad? Will I know when it happens? Will the baby need nine months to grow like normal? Or will he just appear one day? What will people say? Are you sure you’ve got the right girl? Maybe she had a lot of questions. We don’t know. What we know is that Mary responded to the amazing news with one phrase. Looking at this messenger of God standing in her living room, she simply said, “I’m the Lord’s servant. If you say so, I’m on board.”

Mary’s faith is remarkable. She instantly trusted God, even though she could not have had any idea of how God’s plan would work out. She didn’t know HOW it would work, but she knew WHO was doing the work. And that made all the difference in the world.

The next time God leads you to do something you may not fully understand, remember Mary. Follow God’s leading with the confidence that His plans are perfect.

Think about this:

• Can you recall a time in your life when God led you to do something, and you didn’t exactly know how it would turn out? What helped you to go through with it?
• What obstacles are standing in the way from you trusting God more? What do you need to do to remove these obstacles?

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