God With Us: Day 10

Devotional Passage: Luke 1:46-56

One of the things about our faith that makes it so unique is that it is intimately personal and universally general. Huh? Seriously, though. It’s true. As individuals, we have this amazingly personal relationship with God. He knows us. He works in our lives for our good. We are His children. That’s super personal. But at the same time, God’s plan is HUUUUUUGE!!!!! He doesn’t only work for us and within us. He works for and within all people. And all space. And all time. See? Personal and general.

Read Luke 1:46-56. Yesterday we looked at Elizabeth’s powerful reaction of joy and happiness at the work God was doing. Today we’ll look at Mary’s response. But we’re going to take a slightly different angle. We’re not going to look at the part of her response that is personal to her, but at the part that is general to all people. Because nestled within Mary’s prayer of praise to God for what He had done in her is a powerful declaration for what God has done for all people.

Re-read verses 52-55. Here we see one of the Christmas narrative’s powerful truths: Jesus came to completely overturn our reality. The world says that the true rulers are those with power. Jesus came to show us that true power is found in humility. Jesus’ life and teachings showed us that His people would be identified by service, not by pride. Over and over again, Jesus lifted the poor and oppressed and spoke convicting truth to those in power. Jesus demonstrated time after time that the spiritually needy will always find their fill if they honestly search for God. This is the heart of Mary’s words here! It is as if she were predicting the ministry of Jesus, which, in a way, she was.

God’s Kingdom is not like our world. God’s ways are not like our ways. Jesus came to save the spiritually poor. He came to flip the order. The weak will be strong. The last will be first. He disturbed the status quo. As His children, our lives are meant to be lived in very much the same way.

Think about this:
As you go throughout the Christmas season, make sure that you’re looking for opportunities to advance God’s Kingdom on this earth. How are you lifting the weak? How are you ministering to the needy? Talk with your family about practical ways you can serve those less fortunate than you this Christmas.

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