God With Us: Day 11

Devotional Passage: Luke 1:57-66

Take a moment and read Luke 1:57-66. Elizabeth is an older woman, way past her child-birthing years. The birth of her baby is a true miracle. And when we look at verse 58, the reactions of the people back this up. People are excited. They’re praising God as a result of this incredible event. But something hap-pens in verse 59 that causes a ripple in the otherwise peaceful narrative.

When Elizabeth goes to name the boy John, just as the angel had instructed her, the people try to put on the brakes. They essentially say, “Hold up. That’s not how tradition says that we do this. You don’t have anyone in your family named John. Shouldn’t you name him after his dad like you’re supposed to?” The crazy thing? They didn’t even bother to listen to Elizabeth. They go straight to Zechariah. But the cool part is that Zechariah has a little surprise in store.

Read verses 62-66 (remember that Zechariah hasn’t been able to talk for months because of his initial doubt that God would bless him with a son). When the people looked to Zechariah to back their play over his wife, he was having no part of it. He supported Elizabeth and God and told the people that their son would be called John. Guess what happened: His obedience was rewarded when God gave him his voice back. This was a sure sign that God was at work. It was just another way that God over-turned their understanding of tradition and custom.

We don’t always have an awareness of God’s plan. It’s easy for us to just go with the flow, doing things the way we always have. But if we begin to look for God at work, our expectations get blown wide open. Especially at Christmas, we have to look for God to do huge, God-sized things. And then? We must join Him at His work.

Think about this:

• Do you try to make God safe and predictable? Do you try to box Him in? If so, why do you think it’s our tendency as humans to do this?
• Say a prayer and ask God to help you see through any old customs or traditions keeping you from pursuing Him more.

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