God With Us: Day 15

Devotional Passage: Luke 2:6-7

Today you’re going to read two verses that describe Jesus’ birth. Yes, Christmas is still a week and a half away. Don’t worry. You’ll revisit them. But it’s good to spend some time reading about this event now. Why? For starters, because we can’t read it enough, but there’s a second reason. The idea of reading this passage now is so that you have the next few days to reflect on it. While we should spend time reflecting on the Gospel all year long, the opportunity for the focused devotion that comes with the Christmas season is a relatively short one. You should spend as much time as possible, reflecting on the birth of Christ.

Read Luke 2:6-7. Slow down and focus on it. See if you can imagine what it must have been like in that stable, which most scholars believe was more likely a cave than a barn. Can you imagine? Animals. Hay. The sights and sounds of giving birth. A newborn baby. An excited father. An exhausted mother. And through it all, there in the manger, the Son of God lies still.

Can you imagine what could be going through Mary and Joseph’s minds? What a rush! God had seen them through this challenge. This holy pregnancy that had to have caused drama? It was over. God had done what He said He would do.

Luke 2:7 says that Jesus was Mary’s firstborn son. How amazing it is that the eternal Son of God willingly chose to step into our world and take on the power of a “birthday.” What does that mean? Think about it. God never had to willingly come in the form of the Son to our earth. Jesus never had to lower Himself to take on the form of the very beings He created. We could have been left in our sin. We certainly deserve it. But through the simple act of the Eternal One embracing the concept of a birthday, a pathway was made to God. Humans no longer had to feel separated from God because of their sin. And all of this came to fruition in a stable on a Bethlehem night.

The King had come. The God-baby was born. And nothing has been the same since.

Think about this:

• Think for a moment where you have encountered the true Christmas story this Christmas season. Isn’t it interesting how hard we have to look to find it in our culture?
• Who in your life needs to know about the life-saving story of Jesus? Say a prayer right now that God will allow you to share this amazing story with them.

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