God With Us: Day 17

Devotional Passage: Luke 2:8-14

Who are the popular kids in your school? Who are troublemakers? Who are the jocks? Who are the nerds? The problem with these questions isn’t necessarily that it’s a terrible way to label people. No, the biggest problem is that you could answer them. This doesn’t necessarily say anything negative about you. But it does speak to the fact that your school is most likely a place where people are labeled and sorted. Cool kids over here. Weird kids over there. It may just be how it is (it’s kind of always been that way), but it doesn’t make it right. And it definitely doesn’t mean that God is OK with it.

Read Luke 2:8-14. The shepherds are one of the coolest parts of the Christmas narrative. It’s so fitting that God would choose them to be the first recipients of the news of His Son’s birth. The choosing of the shepherds gives us a glimpse into God’s heart.

Shepherds were at the very bottom of the Jewish social ladder. They were thought to be unclean. They weren’t welcomed in proper circles. They were outcasts. And so God chose them to be the first people to hear a birth announcement thousands in years in the making. Of course He did. This shouldn’t surprise us. God’s Kingdom places a tremendous value on those the world says are valueless.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek.” He said, “The last will be first.” He said, “Bring the little ones to me.” He said, “The things you did for the least of these? You might as well have been doing for me.”

This Christmas season is a wonderful opportunity to align your heart with God’s. Become an agent of love and compassion for those the world has passed by. And do so in the name of Christ.

Think about this:

• It’s tough to take a stand in school. It is. But what if you were bold enough to break down the walls created by how we label people? What if you showed kindness to those who need it most, regardless of what “group” they are in? What kind of ripple do you think that would cause in your school?
• What’s one thing you and your family can do this Christmas to show God’s love to the needy in your community?

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