God With Us: Day 18

Devotional Passage: Luke 2:15-20

Let’s focus on the shepherds one more day. They have a lot to teach us about being a Christ-follower. Yesterday we looked at God’s birth announcement to the shepherds. Today, let’s focus on their response.

Read Luke 2:15-20. The shepherds saw something they weren’t expecting. They had an encounter with God’s Kingdom in an amazing way. And afterward, they were left with a choice. What were they to do with the information they just heard? The truth is that once we encounter Christ, each of us, you included, has a choice to make.
When people hear the Gospel or have a chance to encounter Christ through the Bible, there is a choice to be made. People have to respond one way or another. They will either move on this information, or they will not. They will either be compelled to know more, or they will choose to walk away.

The shepherds had a choice. They made their choice, and they made it well. The shepherds acted, and they retold. They acted on the angels’ message. Look in verse 15. They heard, and they moved. They could have sat and talked, or they could have gone home. But they didn’t. They followed through, and they were rewarded by coming face-to-face with the Son of God.

But they didn’t stop with simply acting. They retold. Verse 17 says that once they were sure of the angels’ message, they couldn’t contain themselves. They started talking. They started spreading the word about Jesus. It was as if they couldn’t keep quiet.

Today, over two thousand years later, we’re still expected to do the same. If you know Christ, you should find yourself compelled to speak of His story. If you have encountered God and His Kingdom, you know that you will find it hard to keep your mouth shut.

You have to move. You have to act. And with God empowering you, you will. And you’ll be awesome.

Think about this:

• What’s keeping you from being a more powerful teller of Jesus’ story?
• What can you do to be more committed to being someone who tells Jesus’ story to others, especially during a time of year ripe for talking about God’s message of love and salvation?

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