God With Us: Day 19

Devotional Passage: Luke 2:6-7, Revelation 19:11-16

As we near the last week before Christmas, let’s connect the Christmas narrative with a description of Jesus we see somewhere else in the Bible. Let’s look forward in time from the manger and the shepherds and Bethlehem. WAY forward in time. Let’s look to the end of the story (which in itself is a beginning).

Read Luke 2:6-7. See Jesus, the God-baby, in the manger. Innocent. Vulnerable as all babies are. Fully God, but 100% human. Fragile. Helpless. Have you got that vision in your mind? Now turn to Revelation 19 and read verses 11-16.

This is the part of John’s vision where Jesus engages in the last battle with the forces of evil. Spoiler alert: Jesus wins. The baby born in a manger? He is Faithful and True. He declares war on evil, and even His warring is righteous. The Jesus we see here is on the very edge of being indescribable. John did his God-in-spired best, but his human words can barely explain what he saw. This is the full power of Jesus unmasked.

Jesus is the victor. He is the Only King, the Only Lord. Jesus is the warrior who will lead the armies of God against the forces of evil in the end times. He is the sword-bearer who strikes down nations. This is the Jesus bringing victory over evil because evil must be defeated.

There’s a week before Christmas. It’s super easy to forget who it is we’re awaiting. Not only can we lose focus with all the crazy busy-ness that’s going on around us, but we can also lose sight of who Jesus truly is. This Jesus? The Jesus on the white horse? It’s the very same Jesus that Mary carried in her womb. How can it be? It can only be because, in His great, indescribable love, Jesus came to us, leaving the things of heaven to share in the story with His earth-bound children. And He is worthy of our praise and adoration.

Think about this:
Contemplation isn’t something we often do in our culture. But thinking deeply about God is one of the best things we can do. Read back through that description of Jesus in Revelation 19. Slowly. Contemplate what you’re reading. Let your mind and heart soak in what you read. Isn’t Jesus amazing!?

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