God With Us: Day 21

Devotional Passage: Matthew 2:3-6

Life throws the proverbial “curve balls” at us, right? Stuff we don’t expect. Things we can’t predict. It’s the same for everyone. Often what makes us unique is how we respond to the unexpected. When an opportunity presents itself, the difference is whether you respond by seizing it or letting it pass you by. Our response is everything.

Read Matthew 2:3-6. We introduced the wise men yesterday. We discussed how the wise men responded to what they saw. If we were to describe the wise men’s response, we might use words like “curious” or “questioning,” or maybe even “seeking.” However you describe it, the point is that the wise men saw something in the stars they regularly studied, and rightly interpreted it as a sign that something spectacular happened. Their response was the right one: they sought out Jesus, the King of the Jews.

Let’s stop for a moment and study Herod’s response. Herod was the Roman-appointed governor over the region. He was a pretty brutal leader. And instead of being curious about the spiritual implications of Jesus’ birth, his response was different. Herod was calculating, paranoid, and power-hungry. He was scared that Jesus would somehow diminish his status. He was fearful of who this newborn King might be.

In the wise men and Herod, we see the same responses people still have to Jesus today. People either hear about Jesus and are curious about who He is and what He can do in and through them, or they are dismissive, fearful, or downright apathetic.

Your life is like an advertisement for Jesus. The way you live tells the world that you belong to Christ. People will respond to Jesus in you. And their response will either be curious or dismissive. Your role is to be faithful in communicating Christ, especially this Christmas season

Think about this:

• How do you share God’s message of hope and salvation with the world around you? What are some examples of what this looks like?
• What is one very practical, Christmas-centered way you can share the Gospel with others in the next few days?

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