God With Us: Day 22

Devotional Passage: Matthew 2:9-12

This will be the last day that we spend looking at the wise men. And their story has one more thing to teach us about. Their story can teach us a very powerful lesson on worship.

Read Matthew 2:9-12. The wise men leave Herod, and God uses a star to lead them to the manger, where they encounter Jesus. Look at verse 11. How did they respond? They responded in worship. And in their response, we see a really simple definition of worship. Worship is what happens when we see God, and we know we’ve seen God, and then respond accordingly. It can look different ways. But worship is always the response to an authentic encounter with God.

Our desire to worship God goes way beyond what we do in church on Sunday mornings. After all, your life intersects with God in many different ways. You encounter Him in His Word. You may think about Him on your way to school, listening to praise music in the car. You experience or are aware of the ways God has blessed you. You see God in His creation, and so on. These are all encounters with God. And when you encounter God in these ways, when you behold Him, worship is your response.

Here’s the cool thing: anytime we encounter God, we can worship Him. And so you can and should worship God in the car, alone. You can worship God in how you treat people. You can worship God through corporate praise in your church community. You can worship God with friends over ice cream.

A lifestyle of worship is the way a Gospel-centered Christ-follower shows God his or her gratitude. Worship is simply giving back to God what is rightfully His.

You’ve certainly encountered God a lot over the last few weeks. (That’s one of the best parts about Christmas.) Have you spent enough time responding to Him in worship?

Think about this:

• Worship is something we are to do with our lives each day. Can you think of some ways you might worship God as you go throughout your everyday life?
• What if you were to have a family worship time tonight before you go to bed? What would it look like? Are you brave enough to get one organized?

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