God With Us: Day 15

Devotional Passage: Luke 2:6-7 Today you’re going to read two verses that describe Jesus’ birth. Yes, Christmas is still a week and a half away. Don’t worry. You’ll revisit them. But it’s good to spend some time reading about this event now. Why? For starters, because we can’t read it enough, but there’s a secondContinue reading “God With Us: Day 15”

God With Us: Day 13

Devotional Passage: Luke 1:67-80 This day’s devotional will be our final visit with Zechariah and Elizabeth. It’s interesting that they play such a prominent role in the Christmas story, isn’t it? The reason is that God’s plan all along was to have the respective ministries of John and Jesus be linked. John went ahead ofContinue reading “God With Us: Day 13”

God With Us: Day 12

Devotional Passage: Isaiah 9:6-7, Luke 1:32-33 Turn to Isaiah 9. Before you read this well-known passage, let’s make sure we’re good on the context. Isaiah was one of Israel’s most important prophets. Isaiah was God’s mouthpiece to warn God’s people that if they did not turn back to God, they would experience God’s judgment. ButContinue reading “God With Us: Day 12”

God With Us: Day 10

Devotional Passage: Luke 1:46-56 One of the things about our faith that makes it so unique is that it is intimately personal and universally general. Huh? Seriously, though. It’s true. As individuals, we have this amazingly personal relationship with God. He knows us. He works in our lives for our good. We are His children.Continue reading “God With Us: Day 10”

God With Us: Day 7

Devotional Passage: Matthew 1:20-23 What are you scared of? Heights? Public speaking? Getting struck by lightning? Are you scared of snakes? Small spaces? Sharks? (If so, good. Sharks are insane, people-eating monsters. I mean, it’s true.) Different folks are scared of different things. (Heck, you may even have chiraptophobia, the fear of being touched.) ButContinue reading “God With Us: Day 7”

God With Us: Day 6

Devotional Passage: Matthew 1:18-19 Tension is an important aspect of great stories. Think about the last suspenseful movie you saw. There were most likely moments of tension throughout the movie. It’s the moment when the hero is being chased. Will he get away? Or maybe the hero is trying to download secret documents from theContinue reading “God With Us: Day 6”